Warrior Princess Goldblade

Game Details

In a magical world far away, there is an island where warrior princess Goldblade live, very friendly creatures. They have the loyalty of his courageous Warrior Princess. It protects from all dangers.

Something terrible has happened! The monsters from the waters stole all the treasures of Goldblade. And worse, stolen children also! Now Warrior Princess will recover children and treasures. In this incredible adventure, she will have to face many monsters, traps and challenges of various sizes.

– Guys, listen up! I promise not to come until we kill all the monsters and bring the little Trinks back! THX!

And there was the courageous Warrior Princess Goldblade in dangerous waters.

Warrior Princess is a game with many levels, great graphics and a fun gameplay. Effects are many, many characters in a big world. Guarantee hours of fun in this unique arcade style game.